Posted on 27/07/2021 in Transport 2021
Performance of kaolin with PIN synergists

Quarzwerke HPF has developed an olefin compound for automotive using kaolin and non-halogenated synergists. The project, for E&E and automotive applications, developed with an automobile manufacturer and a compounder (confidential), uses a specific flaky phyllosilicate kaolin with a high aspect ratio at > 10% loading. UL 94 V-0 (Vertical, 20 mm height, 50 W, 2 x 10 sec) was demonstrated, and GWT (Glow Wire Test IEC 60695-2-10/11) 1.75 mm penetration after 30’’ at 750°C. The PIN compound ensures no corrosive gases and low smoke. It offers long term heat stability at up to 150°C, good impact strength down to -20°C and resistance to chemicals and oils. Kaolin is also an effective FR synergist in other polymers such as polyamides or PBT, enabling cost-effective solutions.

Quarzwerke “High performance fillers”
Compounding World, December 2020

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