Posted on 18/01/2024 in Electric & Electronic Transport 2024
Performance PIN FR polyamides for EVs

Celanese offers two non-halogenated flame retardant polyamide solutions for e-mobility power chains and batteries. PIN FR polyamide 66 compounds achieving UL 94 V-0 (1.5 mm) are adapted for thick-walled components and parts for batteries. Flow characteristics, including with e.g. 30% glass fibre, enable more flexible component design and efficient production. Electrical insulation (high tracking index) and colour are maintained after ageing. PIN FR polyamide achieving UL 94 HB with extremely low halide content maintains tracking index CTI > 600V even after 125°C ageing for 3 000 hours. It is adapted for use in electrical components such as connectors, switches, relays, busbars and sensors, in which halide corrosion must be prevented, to avoid short circuits or dysfunctions.

“Celanese Launches New PA Solutions to Improve Performance of Electric Vehicle Components”, 16 October 2023

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