Posted on 15/05/2023 in Fire Safety 2023
Performance Polymers and Additives LLC

PPA was formed in 2015 to commercially develop and distribute flame retardants, functional polymers and additives in North America. PPA today has three staff and works with a network of experts including GH Associates, Avakian Polychem Consulting and Robert Eller and Associates. PPA distributes FRX Polymers polyphosphonates, JLS Chemicals additives and masterbatches, and Paxymer acrylate copolymer, as well as customised masterbatches and compounds including Polyvision graft modified and recycled PET based compounds and masterbatches. PPA services include industrial market research and commercial development, including product introductions and distribution services. Focus is currently on the growing and dynamic area of non-halogenated flame retardants and synergists and other functional additives with excellent EHS profiles. PPA has become an Associate Member of pinf-NA. Maggie Baumann, President of PPA, has been active in pinfa-NA since 2012.

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