Posted on 30/05/2023 in Fire Safety 2023
Perspectives for triazine PIN FRs

Triazines are environment-friendly nitrogen-based PIN flame retardants, generating char, inhibiting fire and reducing smoke. This paper presents different routes for synthesis of triazines, via the chlorinated agent CYC (cyanuric chloride) or from melamine, generating a range of different triazine-based flame retardants, including both additive and reactive, small molecule, linear macromolecular, hyperbranched and polymerised molecules. Examples are given of application of different triazine-based FRs in polypropylene, epoxy, polyamide and melamine resins, including in synergy with phosphorus-based PIN flame retardants.

“Research progress of triazine flame retardants”, J. Wang et al., Macromolecular Research (2023) 31:339–357,  Image Wikimedia.

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