Posted on 08/03/2023 in Transport Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2023
Phosphorus FR for safer car seats

PIN FR can prevent ignition in synthetic leather, reduce flammability of polyester fabrics, improve car fire safety. Daihachi Chemical’s non-halogenated aliphatic phosphoramidate (phosphate ester) flame retardant offers improved fire performance due to its high phosphorus content and action in both the solid and the gas phase. The PIN FR can be incorporated into polyester fibres, resulting in burn reduced from 50 mm (standard FR) to 18 mm (FMVSS302). When used in the adhesive back-layer of synthetic leather, FMVSS302 is passed with no ignition and no dripping. The product does not cause watermarking (low water solubility) and is solid so shows low-fogging (VDA278). The phosphorus PIN FR is effective in resins containing oxygen in their structure, such as epoxies and urethanes. It is adapted for large surface applications such as non-woven fabrics of artificial leather, polyurethane coatings, polyurethane/epoxy adhesives and polyurethane dispersion (PUD) applications.

Daihachi will present these products at the European Coatings Show 2023, 27-28 March, Nuremberg, Germany

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