Posted on 06/07/2020 in Transport 2020
PIN FR epoxy meets motorsport requirements

A new PIN FR epoxy resin prepreg meets demands of Formula One, NASCAR and other motorsports, with fire performance SFI 56.1 and UL94-V0. Toray Advanced Compounds new TC346 resin system is a high-temperature resistant, lightweight non-halogenated epoxy offering toughness, tensile, compression, and interlaminar shear strength and in-plane shear modulus (tested up to 180°C) in a wide range of uni-directional fabrics and tapes. Surface finish properties offer aesthetic quality. SFI 56.1 fire performance is achieved at 1 ply thickness and UL94-V0 at 2 mm (both with 200g 2×2 Twill HM63 12K 42% resin Content).

“Toray’s High-temperature Epoxy Resin for Automotive Receives FR Certifications”, 3 June 2020 SpecialChem and

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