Posted on 17/11/2020 in Transport 2020
PIN FR fibres for rail standard composites

Integrating TFP’s nonwoven PIN FR fibre mat into epoxy, carbon-fibre epoxy and polyester enables a pass in key elements of EN45545-2. TFP (Technical Fibre Products) is a UK-based manufacturer of nonwovens, part of the James Cropper Group. The PIN FR mat is based on inorganic fibre and expandable graphite. Incorporated into polymers in composite production it provides fire safety by intumescence, expanding unidirectionally in fire. At the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, rail interior panel parts were produced using three different materials: non-FST (non- fire, smoke & toxic fume rated) epoxy, the same epoxy with carbon fibres, and vacuum-cured polyester, in all three cases with and without (control) the PIN FR fibre mat (20 mm). The controls all achieved only EN45545-2’s lowest rating: HL1 (R1). With the PIN FR mat, all three panels achieved HL2 (R1) for MARHE, DS(4) and VOF4 and the even higher HL3 rating for CIT8 mins. The HL2 (R1) fire rating means the composite parts can be used in most interior applications in railway and underground trains. Full scale wall-window panels with the PIN FR mat showed mechanical properties surpassing specifications for underground trains.

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