Posted on 14/02/2024 in Transport 2024
PIN FR for fire safe EV portable charging

Mobility Dock EV mobile charger by Lapp uses BASF’s high strength, UV resistant PIN flame retardant polyamide. The Mobility Dock provides a compact, ergonomic, transportable solution to charge electric vehicles from standard household sockets. BASF’s polyamide compound containing PIN flame retardants provides the mechanical performance, UV and weathering resistance, design flexibility, electrical properties and laser marking possibilities required for the Mobility Dock. The Mobility Dock has achieved recognition in the German Design Award (Excellent Product Design/Automotive Parts and Accessories category), eMove360° award (for Electric & Autonomous Mobility Connectivity & Engineering) for Sustainability in Mobility Concepts.

“Free and independent: Portable charging for electric vehicles entirely in style”, BASF 28 September 2023  Photo Lap 2023.

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