Posted on 08/03/2023 in Fire Safety Recycling 2023
PIN FR for recyclable tubing

Gabriel-Chemie’s new non-halogenated FR offers performance and sustainability benefits for polyolefins. The masterbatches are EN 50642 for halogen-free material and antimony-free and can achieve IEC 61304-2 for low smoke and gas, Glow Wire IEC 60335/4 @ 960°C. They are particularly adapted for flexible tubing for electrical wires, offering fire performance and better recyclability than metal wire tubing. In addition, Gabriel-Chemie has launched a reduced CO2 white masterbatch based on a polyolefin carrier. The masterbatch material is processed using photovoltaic electricity produced onsite in Austria, offers reduced abrasiveness, full hiding power and is considered compatible with recycling. This masterbatch can be combined with a non-halogenated FR solution on customer request.

Gabriel Chemie has also now launched a new range of halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches for polyamides, for applications such as electronics, automotive and stadium seating.
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