Posted on 27/07/2021 in Transport 2021
PIN FR glass-reinforced polyamides

Teknor Apex expands portfolio of PIN FR polyamides for demanding applications including under-hood automotive. The hon-halogen, 15% – 30% glass-reinforced semi-aromatic PA66 compounds achieve UL94-V0 fire performance (0.5 or 0.8 mm) and offer high flow for injection molding of complex components, good surface finish and good retention of mechanical properties such as tensile strength and stiffness under exposure to moisture. These non-halogen formulations are adapted for sensitive electronic components where halide ion migration could lead to electrical failure. Applications include appliance and power tool housings, electronic devices, e-vehicle charging infrastructure and automotive under the hood, for example in an engine cover where OEM specifications require property retention after ageing at 170°C. Teknor Apex is a major international compounder and material science company with production in the USA, Asia and Europe.

“Halogen-Free FR Polyamides Yield Parts With Superior Surface Finish and Excellent Property Retention Upon Aging”, Teknor Apex, 29th March 2021

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