Posted on 24/06/2021 in Electric & Electronic 2021
PIN FR labels for fire-safe electronics

Polyonics continues to improve its non-halogen flame-resistant labels for miniature, high-power electronics. Component and material labels in electronic equipment and batteries are essential to enable component and material identification, quality control, commercial traceability, maintenance and dismantling – recycling. They must resist high temperature, demanding conditions over time, without contributing to fire risk. Polyonics proprietary label systems combine polyimide and polyester (PET), with specific pressure-sensitive adhesive and printable coating formulations. Heat transfer and release of flammable gas in case of fire is limited by generation of char layers, achieving UL94 VTM-0, FAR 25.853, BSS 7238/7239 or DOT FMVSS302 fire, smoke and toxicity standards. The latest line of barcode labels and tags is designed for tracing hot metals through processing and is rated up to 700°C using specific non-yellowing PIN FR polymer, coating and adhesive system.

“Flame Retardant Label Materials Prevent the Propagation of Fire in Electrical Assemblies”, 19 August 2020
“New Polyonics HIGHdegree Tag and Label Materials Help Metal Processing Facilities Avoid Costly Expense of Recalls”, 13 January 2021

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