Posted on 07/03/2022 in Electric & Electronic Transport 2022
PIN FR performance PPA for EVs and E&E

Solvay’s partially bio-based long-chain PPA achieves UL94 V-0 (at 0.4 mm) with processability, strength and stability. The non-halogenated flame retardant polyphthalamide formulations offer processing advantages of high glass transition temperature and melting point (Tg 135°C, Tm 315°C) adapted to non-blistering reflow soldered surface mount devices (SMD) and parts in cooling systems for power electronics or fluid connectors, and to production of miniaturised components. Electrical performance (CTI > 600V), limited moisture absorption, high dimensional stability, low risk of stress corrosion, heat resistance, impact strength, elongation, colourability and surface aesthetic quality are adapted to high-end electrical and electronic parts and e-mobility applications. The PPA is produced using partly non-food competing bio-feedstock and 100% renewable electricity, assessed by Verisk Maplecroft for ESG (environmental & social governance).

“Solvay launches new grades to support further sustainable innovation in e-mobility” 18/11/2021
“Solvay Introduces Sustainable Amodel® Bios PPA for E-Mobility Electrical and Electronic Applications », 19/5/2021
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