Posted on 31/01/2022 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2022
PIN FR polyamide 6 meets Glow Wire Test

Lanxess’ new PIN FR compound offers high flame retardancy and tracking resistance for demanding applications. The 30% glass-fibre reinforced compound uses short glass fibres. It also offers high elongation at break, enabling mechanical stability of e.g. snap fits. The compound has GWIT (Glow Wire Ignition Test IEC 60695-2-13) value of 775°C for 0.75 – 3 mm, achieved with PIN flame retardants, and CTI A (Comparative Tracking Index, IEC 60112) of 600V, allowing compact design of electronic modules. The high level of flame retardancy meets the demands for applications such as electric vehicles and battery charging systems, consumer electrical equipment and electronics.

Photo: charging station – Lanxess. Lanxess is a pinfa member. “Designing fireproof household appliances”, Lanxess press release 29/9/2021

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