Posted on 28/05/2021 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2021
PIN FR polyamides for electronics

Thermoplastics specialist STS Tecnopolimeri uses DOMO PIN FR polyamides for performance household and electrical parts. The versatile non-halogen, melamine-based PIN FR polyamide PA6 and PA66 products offer mechanical and electrical properties enabling metal replacement and use in applications such as electronics casings, keyboards, displays, command boxes developed for the internet of things (IoT).
The PIN FR polyamide compounds support formulation adaptation for flowability, low migration and specific strength, surface and moulding demands. For example, DOMO has developed a specific PIN FR grade for connectors with UL Yellow Card, used in a washing machine, replacing a halogen FR material and meeting Glow Wire requirements, heat-aging stability and offering lower density.

“DOMO and Tecnoplimeri develop cutting-edge household and electronics parts”, 9 March 2021

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