Posted on 08/03/2023 in Transport Fire Safety 2023
PIN FR polycarbonate (PC) for 3D-printing

SABIC launches non-halogenated flame retardant PC for PFAM 3-D printing for railway fire safety and smoke requirements. SABIC’s new carbon-fibre reinforced compound may be used for PFAM (Pellet Feed Additive Manufacturing) and is certified to produce 3D-printed parts in compliance with the EU and US railway standards (EN45545-R1-3 and NFPA-130). These standards assess the flame spread, heat release, smoke density and smoke toxicity of the materials according to specified requirements depending on the end application e.g. seat shells, wall cladding etc, and the type/category of train in use e.g. normal, double deck, sleeping. The compound delivers good processing, dimensional stability and low warpage, creep resistance, high strength and stiffness and temperature resistance. Potential applications include external parts and interior cladding parts such as panels, ducts and partitions, as well as seat backs and shells for railway and other transport applications. Production of large parts by 3D-printing can enable small production runs or production of replacement parts rapidly, flexibly and economically.

“SABIC to debut at InnoTrans a new EN45545 rail compliant additive manufacturing solution to help advance the transportation industry”, 13th September 2022

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