Posted on 18/01/2024 in Recycling 2024
PIN FR synergy in recycled ABS

Combining mineral PIN FRs can improve fire performance and reduce smoke without compromising mechanical performance. Recycled ABS was supplied by the EU CREAToR project which is developing a process to remove brominated flame retardants from and then reuse post-consumer and industrial thermoplastic plastic wastes. Four mineral PIN FRs were tested in the rABS, alone or in combinations (total loading 15%): commercially available ATH (aluminium trihydroxide), MDH (magnesium hydroxide), Sepiolite (phyllosilicate-based nanoclay) and one recycled material PAVAL (an aluminium industry waste stream containing a mixture of aluminium minerals). The combination of 7.5% MDH – 7.5% sepiolite reduced total smoke production by 10% and reduced total heat release rate by 50%. Only the samples with sepiolite achieved HB flammability rating (3 mm, no dripping). The combinations of PIN FRs including sepiolite are considered by the authors to not compromise the mechanical performance of the rABS.

“Cooperative Effect of Chemical and Physical Processes for Flame Retardant Additives in Recycled ABS”, A. Rodriguez et al., Polymers 2023, 15, 2431,

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