Posted on 26/10/2023 in Furniture & Textiles 2023
PIN FRs for fire safety of recycled textiles

Insulation panels produced from of end-of-life textiles must be fire safety treated for safe use in buildings. In this study, an insulating panel material made from recycled automotive textiles (seats, ceiling upholstery, foot pads, anti-noise …) with polyurethane binding were tested with three commercial PIN flame retardants (from Tüchler & Bühnen, Isonem and HolzProf) by spraying and by dipping and compared to control (no FR treatment). All three PIN FRs showed to be effective, with dipping ensuring no ignition and reduction in heat release of 25 – 40%, suggesting that EU CPR construction products fire class B – D could be achieved (but this would need to be validated by SBI testing).

“The effect of flame retardants on the fire technical characteristics of recycled textiles”, A. Danihelova et al. J. Industrial Textiles 2023

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