Posted on 10/01/2022 in Transport Fire Safety 2021
PIN FRs showed effective in particle board

An ATH – APP based PIN FR system reduced heat loss and smoke emission from wood – polyester particleboard. The particleboard was produced by compression molding of sawdust with polyester resin, after treating the sawdust with sodium hydroxide to improve compatibility. A PIN FR system consisting of ATH (aluminium trihydroxide), APP (ammonium polyphosphate), gum Arabic powder and carbon black (1:1.5:3:3) was tested at 0 – 18% loading in horizontal burn tests of 100 x 000 x 10 mm samples. At 18% loading the PIN FR reduced heat release (FIGRA) from 388 to 37 kW/s (no FR), and smoke release from 39 to 3 m2/s2. The Construction Products Regulation classification was thus improved from D-S2 to B-S1. The authors conclude that PIN FR treated particleboard contributes very little to fire.

“Development and Prediction of Flame Retarded Particleboard Fire Behaviour in Real Scale”, T. Suoware et al., NIJOTECH, Vol. 40, No. 4 July, 2021, pp.558 – 563

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