Posted on 18/01/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
PIN non-drip solutions without PTFE

Tolsa webinar presents PIN FR synergists to achieve non-drip fire performance in different polymers. In a 30-minute webinar on the SpecialChem material selection platform, Marta Sacristán Benito explains how Tolsa’s organo-clay PIN additives can achieve UL 94 V-0 non-drip without using PTFE in a range of polymers (EVA, PP, EPDM, UPS PA, PVC). PTFE is widely used at low loadings (0.5%) to reduce melt-dripping which can spread fire, but which is a PFAS substance with health, environment and regulatory challenges. The Tolsa additives use specific organic molecules to surface-modify natural magnesium silicate clays, so ensuring compatibility with different polymers. The organo-clays stabilise the polymer in fire and enhance char formation, generating a barrier against heat and reducing oxygen penetration and volatile organic emissions, and so reducing melt-dripping, flame spread, heat release and smoke production.

SpecialChem “Webinar: ADINS® Clay additives: A solution to replace the PTFE in flame retardant formulations”, November 2023

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