Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
pinfa and Cefic

Jonathan Crozier, pinfa and Cefic, outlined the new needs for flame retardants in plastics in emobility. Electric vehicles are currently less than 2% of the world automotive market (but nearly 5% in China), but growth is expected to exceed 70% per year. Already in Norway, electric vehicles are now over 50% of car sales. New solid-state batteries may accelerate uptake, by offering two times higher energy density, faster charging and longer battery life. Electric cars contain more data cables and connectors than for combustion motor cars, and this will increase with the data transfer requirements of autonomous vehicles. High voltage power transmission inside vehicles, batteries and casings, and charging systems, cables and connectors all imply demanding fire resistance, electrical and mechanical properties. pinfa workshops on flame retardants and emobility in China, Japan and Europe over the last year have shown the considerable demand from industry, and the interest to work together on innovation, standards and knowledge transfer between materials suppliers, parts manufacturers and researchers.

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