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pinfa / European Fire Safety Week webinar : Energy transition in transport and fire safety
Thursday November 19th – 10h00 – 11h30 (CET)

Energy transition in transport and fire safety

Stakeholder dialogue webinar addressing the specific fire safety challenges of electric vehicles. Experience for fire testing of e-vehicle batteries. Fire risks of e-vehicles parked or charging in enclosed spaces. Positions of car manufacturers, regulators, fire fighters. Design and materials safety solutions. R&D needs.


10:00 Welcome and housekeeping
Elie van Strien, Chair European Fire Safety Alliance
Adrian Beard and Esther Agyeman-Budu, President and Manager of pinfa
10:10 Context: specific fire risks of emobility and links to building fire safety:

  • Overview on fire safety trends for electric vehicles (expert tbc)
  • Real-scale fire tests of vehicles batteries in an enclosed car park (test organization)
  • Fire-fighter’s vision

Questions and discussion

10:40 EU perspectives

  • EU policy and priorities (MEP tbc)
  • Fire safety in Horizon Europe (European Commission, DG RTD, tbc)

Questions and discussion

11:05 Challenges and solutions for safe emobility

  • Automobile industry: How to bring together sustainability and fire safety? Challenges for tomorrow’s vehicles and specific needs for electric vehicles
  • Materials supplier (Radici tbc): How to make lightweight modern materials compatible with performance requirements of electrical vehicles and with fire safety?

Questions and discussion

11:30 Short wrap-up and conclusions
11:45 Webinar chat stays open 10-15 minutes to allow networking between participants


This webinar is part of the European Fire Safety Week 2020 and is co-organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance and pinfa.

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