Posted on 12/09/2022 in Fire Safety Recycling 2022
pinfa GA addresses the Green Deal

pinfa members working together on opportunities offered by for PIN flame retardants by the EU Green Deal.
23 representatives of 16 pinfa member companies met in Düsseldorf and online, 24th May 2022, at pinfa’s General Assembly, the first to be held in person for over two years. Members discussed how to move actions forward to ensure that PIN FRs meet the new EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Cefic experts explained how this will require chemicals to be “Safe and Sustainable by Design” and that new information will be needed on chemicals toxicity, production, use phase, end-of-life, as well as on raw materials (environmental footprint). pinfa working groups reported on phosphorus based PIN FRs, inorganic flame retardants and melamine compounds. For phosphorus FRs, a question will be how to meet the EU’s declared aim of regulation based on generic chemical groupings, whereas P-based PIN FRs belong to widely varying families with totally different properties. pinfa has commissioned Peter Fisk, as an independent expert, to develop evidence on this question. Recycling is a key aim of the Green Deal approach to chemicals, and pinfa members are commissioning technical studies on upcycling and performance improvement of plastics recyclates containing PIN FRs as well as data collection on PIN FR recycling.

See pinfa communication on PIN FR “Safety by durability” below
Peter Fisk, Green Chemical Design Ltd “Report for pinfa: Grouping of organophosphorus flame retardants in the context of REACH”, July 2022:

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