Posted on 30/11/2021 in Transport 2021
pinfa launches new report on innovative and sustainable flame retardant solutions for transportation

Brussels 30 November – Designers, manufacturers and operators of different forms of transportation are constantly trying to strike the right balance to meet energy reduction requirements as well as improving design and safety. To ensure the fire safety of materials in tomorrow’s vehicles – airplanes, ships, trains, buses, and cars – pinfa has launched a 50-page report on Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen (PIN) flame retardant applications for these forms of transport

The report highlights how PIN flame retardant solutions help to achieve the required fire performance of low smoke, low toxicity and zero halogen requirements for performance polymers and composites, cables, electronics as well as for textiles and foams necessary for transport vehicle interiors, seats, insulation and soundproofing. PIN Flame Retardant solutions for new transport energy systems (electric drive, batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen …) are detailed. In addition to presenting solutions to meet the latest requirements, the report provides technical information on fire and smoke regulation, testing, and standards.

The new pinfa transport flame retardant applications technical report is accessible to all. Other pinfa publications available on our website include those on PIN flame retardants in electrical & electronics applications and building & construction.


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