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pinfa member companies engage in Covid crisis

Each of our companies is doing what it can to help fight the virus and to support health services and local communities. The examples below are just some of actions by pinfa member companies, other actions are not yet communicated as the priority is on doing not showing.
This is part of the wide engagement of the European chemical industry to meet demand for chemicals needed to produce critical materials and equipment for the crisis: disinfectants, diagnostic tests, ventilators, protective masks, gloves and gowns, medicines, protective clothing and intensive care unit equipment.
Cefic member companies are rapidly adapting chemical processes at their production sites and forming new industry alliances to meet these needs.
FRX is using its knowledge of China’s textile supply chain to screen Chinese suppliers and provide information to local hospitals and public bodies to obtain masks and donate to nursing homes and frontline medical staff.
Lanxess has donated concentrate for one million litres of disinfectant to 13 countries worldwide to save lives in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Clariant is using its installations to formulate disinfectant, meeting nearly two thirds of Bavaria public authorities’ supply objectives.
Solvay is donating hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) disinfectant to over health and emergency services in Belgium and has modified its production. Solvay has also modified its production to formulate hand sanitisers, donated to local health services.
DSM, with AFPRO and Royal Auping, has launched large-scale production of certified FFP2 masks, and will meet a quarter of The Netherlands urgent needs for healthcare workers.
Radici has organised with Plastik and local garment makers in Italy, use of its plastic films to produce hospital gowns according to hospital PPE specifications, donated to Bergamo hospital.
BASF has modified production to hydro-alcohol gel to supply hospitals, is producing face screens for health workers at its 3D-printing subsidiary Sculpteo, and is continuing supplying a wide range of key chemicals from its range including detergents, disinfectants and plastic additives for medical equipment.

Photos: Lanxess, Clariant, Radici, BASF.
FRX Polymers 25th March 2020
Lanxess 19th April 2020
Clariant 4/2020
Solvay 7th April 2020
DSM 28th April 2020
Radici 1st April 2020
BASF 22nd April 2020
Cefic “Our Industry’s Response To COVID-19”

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