Posted on 28/05/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
pinfa-NA explainer video – FR chemicals

6th 3-minute education video addresses the questions of health and environmental concerns and regulation of FRs. The video explains that regulators worldwide assess the risk of chemicals used in plastics, based on hazard and exposure. A small number of flame retardants have been banned, in particular when found to be PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic). Flame retardant producers and plastics formulators are working to improve flame retardants, to ensure plastics performance and polymer compatibility of FRs..

Previous pinfa-NA Value of Flame Retardant Containing Materials videos look at how flame retardants work, how they can prevent fires happening or reduce their gravity, different layers of fire protection, fire regulations, codes and standards and fire risk scenarios. See pinfa-NA FR explainer video n°5 in pinfa Newsletter n°157.

pinfa-NA FR explainer video n°6 “Environmental & Human Health Aspects of Chemical Flame Retardants in Commercial Products”, 3 minutes,

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