Posted on 14/02/2024 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction Transport Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2024
pinfa-NA explainer video series – n°5

5th educational video explains, with examples, how flame retardants can prevent fires happening or reduce their gravity. The 4 minute video outlines how FRs can prevent ignition, with the example of a burning cigarette dropped on a hotel lobby carpet. The video explains how FRs can slow fire development and provide life-saving minutes for escape before non-survivable flashover: “Every second counts”. Examples are given of FRs preventing fire spread in buildings in fire-stop materials used where cables or pipes cross walls, and of intumescent coatings which protect steel or concrete from structural failure in fires.

The first four videos already online explain how flame retardants work, different layers of fire protection, fire regulations – codes and standards and fire risk scenarios.

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