Posted on 10/06/2020 in Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2020
pinfa response to Ireland furniture fire consultation

pinfa underlines that PIN FRs are available for furniture fire safety which are recognised as safe by labels such as ÖkoTex, TCO or ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals coalition). pinfa supported maintaining the current high fire safety requirements of the Ireland furniture regulations, which are essentially the same as the UK furniture fire safety requirements. pinfa refuted the suggestion in the consultation document that all organophosphorus chemicals are potentially harmful (e.g. DNA, cell membranes, ATP, in our bodies) and provided a list of organophosphorus FR chemicals which are ecolabel accepted and have no health or environment Classification. pinfa also provided a list of other PIN FR chemicals with no identified risk as used in furniture, including inorganic phosphates, nitrogen and melamine compounds, mineral PIN FRs and smoke suppressants, clays, expandable graphite, non-halogenated polymeric FRs, … pinfa recommends to “rely on objective assessments, such as excluding all chemicals (including flame retardants) which are substances of very high concern (SVHC) under REACH or which have certain health or environment Classifications (unless they are durably reacted into the treated material and are no longer present at significant levels) or to limit to chemicals which have achieved Benchmark 2 or higher under GreenScreen.”

Ireland national government Furniture Fire Regulations Consultation (closed)
pinfa response online here 

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