Posted on 07/09/2023 in Fire Safety 2023
Pinfa young researcher presentation awards

These pinfa Awards are the first time such prizes have been offered for presentations at FRPM. A total of 14 candidate oral presentations by young researchers were graded for scientific content, presentation quality and oral delivery by experts from fire research and industry.

  • pinfa Award 1st Prize (1500 CHF): Iben Hansen Bruhn, BCE Austria – Comparison of fire retardant timber treatments
  • pinfa Award 2nd Prize (1000 CHF): Weronika Tabaka, BAM Germany – Bench-scale fire stability testing of carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates with protective layers
  • pinfa Award 3rd Prize (500 CHF): Marie-Odile Augé, Centrale Lille France and Daniele Roncucci, Empa – Ring-opening polymerisation of L-lactide with phosphorus containing compounds
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