Posted on 12/09/2022 in Fire Safety Recycling 2022
PlasticsEurope calls for faster recycling

The EU plastics industry federation reports on benefits and opportunities of recycling and calls for incentives. The “ReShaping Plastics” report (SYSTEMIQ for PlasticsEurope) says current industry and policy actions could more than double plastics recycling from 14% today to 33% in 2030, reducing greenhouse emissions and waste. The report underlines however that this will not achieve Circular Plastics Alliance nor EU Green Deal targets. The reports suggests that a range of general policy approaches are needed together: avoid unnecessary plastics use, substitute in some cases, reduce litter losses, develop collection and sorting, and both mechanical and chemical recycling. The report estimates that investment of 160 – 180 billion € by 2050 could achieve 70% recycling and that the coming 3 to 5 years are the critical window for action. PlasticsEurope calls for collaboration with the value chain and a “new policy framework that better incentivises investment and innovation and keep the European industry globally competitive as the EU transitions to net zero”.

PlasticsEurope position: and report (90 pages), SYSTEMIQ 2022 ““ReShaping Plastics: Pathways to a Circular, Climate Neutral Plastics System in Europe”

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