Posted on 14/02/2024 in Regulatory 2024
Political agreement on EU EcoDesign

This will probably enable adoption of the EcoDesign Regulation revision before the June 2024 European elections. The European Commission statement announcing this ‘trilogue agreement’ (provisional agreement between the European Parliament and Council) underlines that the EcoDesign revision will emphasise energy efficiency and climate objectives (including carbon footprints), product durability – reuse – recycling and chemical substances susceptible to inhibit reuse and recycling, consumer information and transparency (including the Digital Product Passport). The Commission’s proposal for the revised Regulation includes the possibility to exclude “substances of concern”, with a wide new definition including any chemical which “negatively affects the re-use and recycling of materials in the product” (see pinfa Newsletter n°132). The trilogue text is not yet published.

“Provisional agreement for more sustainable consumer products”, European Commission, 5th December 2024

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