Posted on 15/05/2023 in Building & Construction Fire Safety Regulatory 2023
Position for building renovation fire safety

pinfa supports joint position to include safety, including fire safety, in the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD revision). The position signed by 12 organisations asks the European Council (member states) to follow the amendments voted by the European Parliament to include safety in new construction and renovation, in solar energy installations, in roofed car parks, in inspections, in tenant information and in the “Renovation Passport” which will ensure traceable information on building works. The fire risks of increasing electrification and renewable energies and of new materials and insulation are underlined. A holistic safety approach to construction, including fire, electrical, gas and carbon monoxide safety, is needed to enable building energy renovation and green building without increasing risks of tragic accidents which could lead to resistance to decarbonisation solutions.

“EPBD Revision: European Parliament’s fire safety considerations need to be supported”, Joint statement of fire, electrical, gas and CO safety organisations, 23rd March 2023, published on the EFSA (European Fire Safety Alliance) website HERE.

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