Posted on 15/09/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

For RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, pinfa membership is an important step of the journey towards sustainability. RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyamide and other engineering polymers. It is part of RadiciGroup, which produces speciality chemicals, performance polymers, synthetic fibres and nonwovens since 1941. The Group has seven engineering polymer production sites around the world, with vertically integrated production and R&D support, serving automotive, electrical/electronics, consumer goods and industrial sectors. RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is committed to social environmental responsibility, including ISO systems for environmental, safety and quality management, a Life Cycle Assessment approach to product improvement through certified Environmental Product Declarations and commitment to Voluntary programs like Responsible Care®, and the Global Reporting Initiative framework for the company’s sustainability report. Coherent with sustainability objectives, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has developed a range of halogen-free flame retardant materials. pinfa membership will enable RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers to engage in an industry approach to the complexity of flame retardant systems and access networks and information, so facilitating the development of more environmentally friendly fire-safe materials.
Photo: Radici high performance polymers for e-mobility, electrical and electronic markets.

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