Posted on 29/11/2023 in Recycling 2023
REACH and CLP Classification of melamine

pinfa’s Q&A explains implications for melamine-based flame retardants and for use of melamine itself for fire safety. Melamine has been identified as SVHC under REACH and Carc. 2, H351 and STOT RE 2, H373 under CLP. In melamine-based FRs*, melamine is chemically reacted with another substance which leads to a new and different substance. Melamine-based FRs are not directly concerned by the classification of melamine (unless they contain > 0.1% of unreacted melamine). Several melamine-based FRs are validated in labels or certifications such as TCO or Ökotex. The Q&A explains possible implications for melamine-based FRs. Melamine is also used itself as a flame retardant or in intumescent coatings, in which case the REACH and CLP classifications are directly applicable. For full information, users should consult the SDS of their supplier.

* Widely used melamine-based FRs today include melamine phosphate, melamine cyanurate, melamine polyphosphate, melamine-poly(zinc phosphate), melamine pyrophosphate, melamine cyanurate.

“pinfa frequently asked questions (FAQ) about melamine-based flame retardants and recent regulatory risk management measures on melamine. 21st August 2023 and updated regularly

For information concerning melamine itself, see EMPA (European Melamine Producers Association) regulatory page

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