Posted on 06/07/2020 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2020
Resisting fire and water

New cable system offers PIN fire safety, with low smoke, low toxic gas emission, and protects against water ingress in weathering or flooding. Flexicon Ultra connectors use non-halogenated flame retardants to achieve fire safety meeting railway standards (NFPA 130 and IRIS). They offer mechanical strength and performance, including 70 kg pull-off resistance and a one million cycle service test (equivalent to 35 years in transport operation). Protection from water of cables and electronics to which they are connected is essential for safety, to prevent failures, ensure electrical safety and enable continuing systems functioning in case of incidents, and these connection sealings are water ingress protection tested to IP66 – IP69.

“Prevent Costly Wiring Failures with AFC Cable Systems Flexicon Ultra, 1st May 2020 and

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