Posted on 17/04/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
Review of FRs for polyurea elastomers

Polyurea elastomers are widely used in industrial coatings. Review shows development of PIN FRs, especially additive, and expects “a gradual abandonment of the use of halogen compounds”. Polyurea coatings are used for waterproofing in construction, roofings, tank linings for water, fuels and chemicals, membranes, fillers as well as in vehicle parts. The global market is growing at > 10%/year and is expected to reach 1.5 billion US$ by 2025. Various non-halogenated flame retardant and smoke-suppression solutions are presented, including phosphorus-based PIN FRs, inorganic PIN FRs and organic clays. Because polyurea formulations and applications are very diverse, a range of different PIN FR and synergist combinations are needed.

“Flame Retardant Additives Used for Polyurea-Based Elastomers—A Review”, W. Dukarski et al., Fire 2024, 7, 50,

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