Posted on 30/04/2021 in Building & Construction Transport Fire Safety 2021
Rubber flooring for rail fire safety

Treadmaster PIN FR flooring offers fire safety beyond standard rail requirements, wear resistance and visual appeal. Tiflex is a leading producer of cork and bonded rubber materials for over 70 years. Their Treadmaster TM7 synthetic rubber flooring is homogenous, ensuring consistent appearance and optimal integrity under heavy wear, and enabling repair in case of local damage. It is slip-resistant and can be supplied to individual colours, designs and specifications. The material uses non-halogenated flame retardants to achieve not only the European rail standard EN 45545-2 HL3 on all substrates, but also BS69853:1999 cat. 1a which can be more stringent. The flooring can integrate photoluminescent materials to provide emergency lighting, and this is already adopted by Bombardier and QNGR

“Tiflex Brand Treadmaster Flooring Excels in Fire Safety”, 2 June 2020 and Tiflex website

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