Posted on 16/11/2021 in Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2021
Rugs recall because of fire safety

US CPSC issues recalls for > 1000 rugs, of several types, sold on Amazon, which fail to meet federal fire safety requirements. CPSC (the US Consumer Product Safety Commission) indicates that the rugs pose a fire hazard. US federal law requires carpets and rugs to be tested and certified for surface flammability, with the objective of reducing risks of death, injury and property damage from fires (16 CFR Part 1630 and 16 CFR Part 1631), or if not, to carry a label “Flammable … should not be used near sources of ignition”. The testing assesses horizontal burning with a small flame source on top of the carpet. Testing is after ten wash cycles for FR materials.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls page – Amazon Suellen Roosevin recall – second recall – third recall

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