Posted on 18/01/2024 in Transport Fire Safety 2024
Runway fire: all JAL passengers escape

All 379 people on JAL’s Airbus A350 escaped unhurt when it caught fire after crashing into another plane during landing. Reports suggest that the Airbus was landing normally until one wing hit a small Japan coast guard Bombardier Dash-8 which was stationary on the runway waiting to take off. Enquiries are underway to establish why the Bombardier was parked where the Airbus was landing. The crash caused the Airbus to catch fire, probably with fuel involved given the rapid fire. The incident again illustrates how fire safety requirements for aircraft materials can prevent fire spread, despite more than half of modern aircraft structure, as well as seats and interiors, being made of potentially flammable materials.

See also NSTB report on Chicago AA Boeing 767-300 fire in pinfa Newsletter n°86.

Japan Airlines / coast guard plane crash, Haneda airport, 5th January 2024 “How a fiery plane crash at Japan’s Haneda Airport unfolded”

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