Posted on 12/09/2022 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction Transport Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety Recycling 2022
Safety by Durability

pinfa infographics explain why chemical stability of PIN FRs is key to Green Deal product durability objectives. PIN flame retardants need to be fit for purpose and for a long product lifetime: their stability is a prerequisite to ensure durability and not an obstacle for recycling or a circular economy. If PIN flame retardants were to degrade or decompose quickly, they could not provide fire safety for several years or decades as required. PIN FRs are chemically robust and stable to ensure a long product lifetime. This robustness also makes PIN FRs compatible with demanding conditions to which materials are subject during reprocessing for recycling. pinfa information sheet May 2022 “Safety by Durability” and pinfa “sustainability” web page

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