Posted on 06/07/2020 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2020
Safety orange for e-vehicle components

Domo Chemicals has launched performance polyamides for high stability orange-colour connectors, plugs, housings and insulators. Specific orange RAL 2003 (Europe) or RAL 2008/2011 (North America) is required to warn of high voltage components in electric vehicles. The performance Technyl PIN flame retardant polyamide compounds, previously Solvay and now with Domo Chemicals, offer high colour stability at elevated temperatures, low mould deposits in processing, CTI (comparative tracking index) ≥ 600 and UL94-V0 (0.4 mm).

“Technyl Orange: Domo’s high-performance polyamide for EV parts and components”, 17 December 2019

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