Posted on 06/09/2019 in Regulatory 2019
Scotland updates to building fire regulations

The Scottish Government has published updates to building standards, applicable for building work permitted or starting after 1/10/2019, including significant new requirements for fire safety. New fire resistance requirements are specified for cladding materials used on external walls >11m high (EuroClass A1 or A2 specified). Buildings >18m high have further requirements including a second escape staircase, alert and signalling systems. Documentation of compliance requirements for fire safety requirements for new high-rise buildings is reinforced. Furthermore, by February 2021, all domestic properties (existing and new) will be required to have a smoke alarm in the generally used daytime living room as well as in the circulation space in every storey, and also heat alarms in every kitchen, carbon monoxide alarms on all fixed combustion appliances, and with alarms interlinked.

Scotland building standards update: and summaries and

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