Posted on 19/10/2022 in Building & Construction Transport Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2022
Sekisui Alveo launches PIN FR foams

The specialist in polyolefin foams has launched non-halogenated FR versions of Alveolit TA and TL foams. Sekisui Alveo, Switzerland, is a world leader in cross-linked polyolefin foams, particularly in roll formats, for applications such as transport door seals and interiors. The company is part of the Japan-based global Sekisui group, developing solutions in plastics since 1940. Sekisui Alveo’s new PIN FR formulations achieve EN 13501-1 vertical fire behaviour and FMVSS horizontal fire behaviour, for use in automotive, electronics and equipment. In flammability testing, the toxicity of smoke emitted by the new PIN FR foams was much lower than for foams containing halogenated FRs or antimony trioxide (CIT conventional index of toxicity), and smoke was white, so improving visibility. The company also underlines that the absence of halogenated FRs or heavy metals enables to meet recyclability and “Material Health” requirements.

“New foams meet stringent sustainability requirements”, 8/2021 and test video

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