Posted on 29/09/2022 in Fire Safety 2022
SFPE Handbook of Fire and the Environment

New 500 page reference work from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers on fire impacts on the environment, including mitigation and sustainability. Chapters cover fire fundamentals, historically significant fires, firefighting chemicals, emission measurements, fire and smoke modelling, buildings, wildfires, waste fires, fire-LCA and SAFR-BE (sustainable and fire resilient built environment). The Handbook aims to provide in one resource comprehensive information on the impacts of fire on the environment, tools for assessing these impacts, and approaches to mitigate these impacts, from fires in one building or facility to large area wildfires. Addressed are emissions to air, water and soil, from the fire and from suppression, and impacts of replacement of lost property, remediation and decontamination.

“Handbook of ¬Fire and the ¬Environment. Impacts and Mitigation”, Society of Fire Protection Engineers Series, editors B. Meacham, M. McNamee, ISBN 978-3-030-94355-4

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