Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
Shinichi Ikoma and Shinji Sakaguchi, Daihachi

Daihachi sees phosphorus as the key to fire safety in the future as users look for alternative solutions to halogenated chemicals. Phosphorus PIN FRs, especially phosphorus esters, provide flexibility, fire performance and compatibility with technical material requirements. A challenge however, for the longer term, is sustainable supply of yellow phosphorus (P4), because the world is dependent on a very limited number of suppliers. Daihachi is therefore cooperating with the Japan Council for Circular Phosphorus to look at possible production from recycling. Daihachi is currently proposing innovations in phosphorus FRs for electronics, engineering plastics and for timber / wood. Significant growth and demand for new fire safety solutions, compatible with demanding performance, are expected in emobility and 5G, with the latter requiring specific electronic material properties. For engineering plastics, such as PBT, Daihachi is developing phosphorus FRs to meet specific processing requirements for temperature and hydrolysis resistance, and with electrical performance (CTI > 600). New phosphorus flame retardants for wood, without boric acid, for pressure-immersion application, offer moisture resistance (exterior use), durability, transparency and no white traces during ageing.

Daihachi Chemical Industry Co. was established in 1919 and today produces flame retardants, plasticisers, resin modifiers and other additives, as well as metal extractants, with over 260 staff. 


Obituary: Mr Ikoma passed away on 4th January 2020. pinfa publishes this interview in respect and with thoughts for his family and colleagues.
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