Posted on 04/05/2022 in Transport Fire Safety 2022
Shipper concerned about EV fire risks

After the Felicity Ace car ship fire, leading car carrier Hyundai Glovis is increasing safety because of EV fire concerns. The Felicity Ace, carrying some 4 000 Volkswagen – Audi – Porsche – Lamborghini cars, estimated at over 400 million € value, sank near the Azores on 1st March 2022 after burning for a week. The cause of the fire is unknown, but many electric vehicles were involved. One of the largest car carrier operators, Hyundai Glovis (90 ships), has now announced new measures to increase fire safety on its ships, including training protocols to address the specific fire risks related to electric vehicles. Hyundai Glovis transported a quarter of a million EVs already in 2021. In particular, car fire covers will be deployed. These can be spread over a burning vehicle to prevent oxygen inflow and block heat and smoke, with the aim of preventing fire spreading to adjacent vehicles.

“Hyundai Glovis Enhances Fire Safety for Car Carriers Addressing EVs”, 1st April 2022

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