Posted on 24/03/2020 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2020
Silicate synergists for heat & smoke performance

pinfa member company, TOLSA, has extended its range of technical silicate (PIN) additives as synergists for flame retardants in a range of polymer and fire safety packages. The specialist additives are based on natural silicate clay and reduce smoke production and heat release by supporting char creation and enhancing char properties, especially in synergy with PIN flame retardants, and also have an anti-dripping effect. A new grade for polypropylene uses the mineral titanium dioxide to improve performance of PIN intumescent FR systems (at doses of 1-2 %). A second new grade is designed for silicones and PVC, reducing heat release and smoke emission, and substituting antimony trioxide (ATO) which is GHS Classified H351 potential carcinogen class 2 – H373 STOT RE lung and is subject to consultation on possible RoHS restrictions

“Tolsa expands its ADINS flame-retardant synergist line”, 29 July 2018
Photo: why flame retardants are needed in electrical installations

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