Posted on 11/05/2020 in Transport 2020
Solid silicone rubber for improved rail fire safety

Wacker has launched a flame retardant solid silicone rubber, meeting EU railway fire safety standards (EN 45545-2), meeting HL2 for R1 and R7 requirements. This is achieved in ELASTOSIL® R 771 by enhancing the inherent fire performance of silicones with a halogen-free flame retardant. The solid silicone can be molded using conventional processing, extruded or calendered, to produce parts, profiles, panels, films and fabric-reinforced silicone sheets. Applications include both railways and buildings, wherever high fire safety performance and low smoke, low smoke toxicity are required. Wacker is a Munich-based global chemical company specialised in polymers, silicones and polysilicon and bio-solutions.

“EU Fire-Safety Standard for Rolling Stock: WACKER Presents New Solid Silicone Rubber for Improved Fire Safety”, 25 July 2019

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