Posted on 21/11/2022 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2022
Specialist additives for plastics recycling

Compounding World says developments in additives will open new opportunities to enable and improve polymer recycling. Additives discussed include antioxidants and stabilisers, important to limit polymer degradation during reprocessing, in particular because contaminants present in post-consumer plastics (e.g. inks, fillers, catalyst residues), can accelerate oxidative damage. Compatibilisers and coupling agents, both usually reactive, can improve interaction between different polymers and fillers present in recovered materials and can repolymerise or copolymerise during reprocessing. Other additives can improve viscosity and reprocessing. Flame retardants are not identified as a particular challenge in polymer recycling.

“Recycling. Additives rise to the challenge”, Compounding World, October 2022

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