Posted on 19/10/2022 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction Transport Fire Safety 2022
Sports EV cooling element of PIN FR nylon

German sports electric car uses Lanxess (pinfa member) non-halogenated flame retardant nylon for charger heat dissipation. The charging system manufacturer is Leopold Kostal GmbH, Luedenscheid, Germany, a global automotive, solar and electrical contact system supplier. Up to 48 amps flow through plug contacts in the controller during EV battery charging. The PIN FR nylon 6 compound uses a special mineral filler to conduct heat, so avoiding overheating. The compound also offers reliable electrical insulation (CTI A 600) and fire resistance (UL 94 V-0 0.75 mm) to ensure safety. Mechanical performance, dimensional stability and good flowability enable production of intricate, miniaturised components. The heat-conductive PIN FR nylon compound also has applications in EV battery systems and heat exchangers and mounting plates for electronics.

See also Lanxess nylon compounds in pinfa Newsletters n°s 129, 119, 62.

“Giving heat the cold shoulder. Cooling element made from PA6 for the charge controller of an electric sports car”, Lanxess press release, 9th July 2022

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