Posted on 20/03/2024 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2024
Stress crack proof LSF0H cable compound

Avient have launched a PIN flame retardant formulation resistant to stress cracking in armoured electrical cables. Cable sheath materials can crack when subject to tensile stress (curved installation) or pressure (underground), leading to loss installation and possible electrical misfunction. The risk is accentuated in armoured cables because metal sheath elements dilate with temperature changes. Avient’s new LSF0H formulation (Low Smoke and Fume Zero Halogen) can achieve 55-61-1997 LTS1 classification for low and medium voltage cables, including in complex and armoured cable designs.

“New LSFOH Formulation from Avient Helps Prevent Environmental Stress Cracking in Armored Cables”, Avient ECCOHTM5983, 11 December 2023

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